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Release Type PEAR-style PHP-based Package
Summary PEAR Base System
Description The PEAR package contains:
* the PEAR installer, for creating, distributing
and installing packages
* the PEAR_Exception PHP5 error handling mechanism
* the PEAR_ErrorStack advanced error handling mechanism
* the PEAR_Error error handling mechanism
* the OS_Guess class for retrieving info about the OS
where PHP is running on
* the System class for quick handling of common operations
with files and directories
* the PEAR base class
Features in a nutshell:
* full support for channels
* pre-download dependency validation
* new package.xml 2.0 format allows tremendous flexibility while maintaining BC
* support for optional dependency groups and limited support for sub-packaging
* robust dependency support
* full dependency validation on uninstall
* remote install for hosts with only ftp access - no more problems with
restricted host installation
* full support for mirroring
* support for bundling several packages into a single tarball
* support for static dependencies on a url-based package
* support for custom file roles and installation tasks
Maintainers Greg Beaver <> (lead, inactive)
Pierre-Alain Joye <> (lead, inactive)
Stig Bakken <> (lead, inactive)
Tomas V.V.Cox <> (lead, inactive)
Helgi Thormar <> (lead)
Tias Guns <> (developer)
Tim Jackson <> (helper, inactive)
Bertrand Gugger <> (helper, inactive)
Martin Jansen <> (helper, inactive)
Release Date 2010-05-26 20:41:19
Release Version 1.9.1 (stable)
API Version 1.9.1 (stable)
License New BSD License (
Release Notes * svntag improvements, tag package files passed into the command and better directory checks [dufuz]
* rely on Structures_Graph minimum version instead of recommended version [saltybeagle]
* Fix Bug #12613: running go-pear.phar from C:\ fails [dufuz]
* Fix Bug #14841: Installing pear into directory with space fails [dufuz]
* Fix Bug #16644: pear.bat returns syntax error when parenthesis are in install path. [dufuz] [patch by bwaters (Bryan Waters)]
* Fix Bug #16767: Use of Depreciated HTML Attributes in the Exception class [dufuz] [patch by fuhrysteve (Stephen J. Fuhry)]
* Fix Bug #16864: "pear list-upgrades -i" issues E_WARNINGS [dufuz] [patch by rquadling (Richard Quadling)]
* Fix Bug #17220: command `pear help` outputs to stderr instead of stdout [dufuz]
* Fix Bug #17234: channel-discover adds port to HTTP Host header [dufuz]
* Fix Bug #17292: Code Coverage in PEAR_RunTest does not work with namespaces [sebastian]
* Fix Bug #17359: loadExtension() fails over missing dl() when used in multithread env [dufuz]
* Fix Bug #17378: pear info $package fails if directory with that name exists [dufuz]
Required Dependencies PHP version 4.4.0
PEAR installer version 1.4.3 or newer
Version 1.1 or newer
Recommended version: 1.3.7
Version 1.0.2 or newer
Recommended version: 1.0.3
Version 1.2 or newer
Recommended version: 1.2.3
Version 1.2.0 or newer
Recommended version: 1.2.1
Extension xml
Extension pcre
Not Compatible with PHP versions
5.0, 5.1.0, 5.1.1, 5.1.2, 5.1.3, 5.1.4, 5.1.5
Package pear/Archive_Tar
Versions 1.3.0
Version 0.4 or older
Version 0.4.0 or older
=> except Package pear/PEAR_Frontend_Gtk
Versions 0.4.0
Dependency Group webinstaller PEAR's web-based installer
webinstaller Contents Package
Version 0.5.1 or newer
Dependency Group gtkinstaller PEAR's PHP-GTK-based installer
gtkinstaller Contents Package
Version 0.4.0 or newer
Dependency Group gtk2installer PEAR's PHP-GTK2-based installer
gtk2installer Contents Package
package.xml version 2.0
Last Modified 2010-05-27 22:23
Previous Installed Version 1.9.0
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