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Release Type PEAR-style PHP-based Package
Name Archive_Tar
Summary Tar file management class
Description This class provides handling of tar files in PHP.
It supports creating, listing, extracting and adding to tar files.
Gzip support is available if PHP has the zlib extension built-in or
loaded. Bz2 compression is also supported with the bz2 extension loaded.
Maintainers Vincent Blavet <> (lead, inactive)
Greg Beaver <> (lead, inactive)
Michiel Rook <> (lead)
Stig Bakken <> (helper, inactive)
Release Date 2010-04-26 09:22:35
Release Version 1.3.7 (stable)
API Version 1.3.1 (stable)
License New BSD License (
Release Notes PEAR compatibility update
Compatible with
Versions >= 1.8.0, <= 1.9.10
Required Dependencies PHP version 4.3.0
PEAR installer version 1.5.4 or newer
package.xml version 2.0
Last Modified 2010-05-09 00:03
Previous Installed Version - None -
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