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  Package, Documentation files: :: docs/index.php.txt:
* Put this file in a web-accessible directory as index.php (or similar)
* and point your webbrowser to it.

// $pear_dir must point to a valid PEAR install (=contains PEAR.php)
$pear_dir = '/kunden/281794_42349/software/pear'; // default of install

// OPTIONAL: If you have a config file at a non-standard location,
// uncomment and supply it here:
//$pear_user_config = '';

// OPTIONAL: If you have protected this webfrontend with a password in a
// custom way, then uncomment to disable the 'not protected' warning:
//$pear_frontweb_protected = true;

* Following code tests $pear_dir and loads the webfrontend:
if (!file_exists($pear_dir.'/PEAR.php')) {
trigger_error('No PEAR.php in supplied PEAR directory: '.$pear_dir,
ini_set('include_path', $pear_dir);

// Include WebInstaller
putenv('PHP_PEAR_INSTALL_DIR='.$pear_dir); // needed if unexisting config