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PEAR - The PEAR Installer
Installing the PEAR Installer.

You should install PEAR on a local development machine first. Installing
PEAR on a remote production machine should only be done after you are
familiar with PEAR and have tested code using PEAR on your development

There are two methods of installing PEAR
- PEAR bundled in PHP
- go-pear

We will first examine how to install PEAR that is bundled with PHP.

Microsoft Windows
If you are running PHP 5.2.0 or newer, simply download and
run the windows installer (.msi) and PEAR can be automatically

Otherwise, for older PHP versions, download the .zip of windows,
there is a script included with your PHP distribution that is called
"go-pear". You must open a command box in order to run it. Click
"start" then click "Run..." and type "cmd.exe" to open a command box.
Use "cd" to change directory to the location of PHP where you unzipped it,
and run the go-pear command.

When compiling PHP from source, you simply need to include the
--with-pear directive on the "./configure" command. This is "on"
by default in most PHP versions, but it doesn't hurt to list it
explicitly. You should also consider enabling the zlib extension via
--enable-zlib, so that the PEAR installer will be able to handle gzipped
files (i.e. smaller package files for faster downloads). Later, when you
run "make install" to install PHP itself, part of the process will be
prompts that ask you where you want PEAR to be installed.

For users who cannot perform the above steps, or who wish to obtain the
latest PEAR with a slightly higher risk of failure, use go-pear. go-pear
is obtained by downloading and saving it as go-pear.php.
After downloading, simply run "php go-pear.php" or open it in a web browser
(windows only) to download and install PEAR.

You can always ask general installation questions on,
a public mailing list devoted to support for PEAR packages and installation-
related issues.

Happy PHPing, we hope PEAR will be a great tool for your development work!

$Id: INSTALL 289056 2009-10-01 16:50:43Z ashnazg $