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  Package, Documentation files: :: examples/sample_itx_addblockfile.php:
/* vim: set expandtab tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4: */
* An example for the usage of ITX::addBlockfile
* @version CVS: $Id: sample_itx_addblockfile.php 216180 2006-07-11 21:56:05Z dsp $

require_once 'HTML/Template/ITX.php';

$data = array (array ('packagename'=>'mypackage',
'version' =>'1.0',
'changelog' => array ('fix bug #002',
'add author FOO to AUTHORS')
array ('packagename'=>'mypackage',
'version' =>'1.0 RC 1',
'changelog' => array ('fix bug #002',
'added method foo()')

$tpl = new HTML_Template_ITX('./templates');
$tpl->loadTemplatefile('addblockfile_main.tpl.htm', true, true);

// The complete content of "addblockfile_main.tpl.htm" will be loaded into a block
// called "list_template". The placeholder {DESCRIPTION} will be replaced
// with the added block "list_template".
$tpl->addBlockfile('DESCRIPTION', 'list_template', 'addblockfile_list.tpl.htm');

// we now have the following blocks loaded:
// __global__, row, list_template and listelement
// lets assign the data.
foreach ($data as $entry) {
// assign data to the inner block (listelement) of list_template.
foreach ($entry['changelog'] as $changelogentry) {
$tpl->setVariable('ENTRY', $changelogentry);

// assign data to the added list_template block
$tpl->setVariable('LISTNAME', $entry['version']);

// back in the original templatefile we assign data to the row block
// notice:
// {DESCRIPTION} is not longer available, because it was replaced by the
// list_template block
$tpl->setVariable('NAME', $entry['packagename']);