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Warning: This package management website is not protected with a password, this is a MAJOR security risk. Please read the README.
  Package, Documentation files: :: README:
Webbased PEAR Package Manager, the best way to manage your pear-compatible packages.

1) Install this package (pear install PEAR_Frontend_Web)
2) copy docs/index.php.txt to <webdir>/index.php where <webdir> is a web-accessible directory
3) Open, in your browser, the URL to that freshly copied file.
4) You are using the webfrontend : )

!BC Warning: If you get a require_once error on PEAR/WebInstaller.php then copy docs/index.php.txt over the erroneous file (eg. index.php) !

Your entire PEAR directory has to be writable by the webserver !
This webfrontend is a frontend, it calls the PEAR installer functions so it must be able to change all PEAR-managed files, through the webserver.

The webfrontend manages all packages, be sure to protect it !
The easiest way is to protect it with a .htaccess file, in the webdir:
$ echo "
AuthUserFile $(pwd)/.htpasswd
AuthType Basic
AuthName \"Web-based PEAR Frontend\"
Require valid-user" > .htaccess && htpasswd -c .htpasswd admin

This command (everything after the $) creates a .htaccess file, like the one supplied with this documentation, and creates a .htpasswd with user 'admin'.
(your apache config must have the directive: AllowOverride AuthConfig)

Please report any problems through the bugtracker at
Have Fun,