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  Configuration :: /kunden/281794_42349/software/pear/pear.conf
Auto-discover new Channels:
Default Channel:
HTTP Proxy Server Address:
Default Channel Mirror:
Remote Configuration File:
PEAR executables directory:
PEAR documentation directory:
PHP extension directory:
PEAR directory:
PEAR Installer cache directory:
PEAR configuration file directory:
PEAR data directory:
PEAR Installer download directory:
PHP CLI/CGI binary:
php.ini location:
--program-prefix passed to PHP's ./configure:
--program-suffix passed to PHP's ./configure:
PEAR Installer temp directory:
PEAR test directory:
PEAR www files directory:
Cache TimeToLive:
Preferred Package State:
Unix file mask:
Debug Log Level:
PEAR password (for maintainers):
Signature Handling Program:
Signature Key Directory:
Signature Key Id:
Package Signature Type:
PEAR username (for maintainers):
System Configuration File: